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Why So Serious?


I’ve been wanting to get back to writing for some time now and just couldn’t think of a subject to write about. So instead what I’m going to do is write about what has been going on in my life.

Since January, my beautiful wife gave birth to my Daughter, I know it’s a cliché but everything does change when you become a parent. I never realised just how much love I could have for someone and the immense responsibility, which comes with being a Father.

Since then I have been working very hard in my Vanilla Job as well as my Dominatrix Job. Both of which have seen me travel to various Continents which I am hugely grateful for, however with being a parent, the beacon of home still does constantly beep in my Brain.

With all the responsibilities of being a father, naturally my Dominatrix work has had to change and my personal feelings towards the industry has changed with it.

I constantly find myself asking the same question  “Why So Serious”?

So why do Dominatrix’s put on the frowning faces and pose in front of Cameras looking like the ‘Mona Lisa, on her Period’?

Well in my experience, it’s an act. After all this is a business and just like any other business they have a product to sell, and apparently moody Domme’s are selling well. (Fuck Knows Why?)

I have in the past been guilty of it, selling a fake frowning face to make subs believe that I am an evil, scowling, narcissistic ‘Femdom Gorilla’. But since things have changed for me, I do ask myself ‘Why so Serious?’

Having spoke to my own subs and other Domme’s Subs, they say they like me because when in session and out at a Femdom club, I actually Smile and laugh. I show enjoyment for the craft, which I am learning, and I don’t do it with a swollen face.

Also they like the fact that I tell it how it actually is. Something, which has cost me Many Domme friends within the scene.

I have never been a ‘fence-sitter’ and just allow people to be mean to me or to other people and if I did, I would feel immense shame for allowing such acts of nastiness to be around me.

I prefer not to be the ‘Fake’ kind of human, and speak up for what I believe in, even if I’m not always correct, at least I will die with the knowing that I always stood for what I believed. Instead of just standing back and keeping my mouth shut as its “better for business’.

Believe it or not their isn’t a rule book on how to be a Dominatrix, and if there was, I would likely of broken all the Rules.

However I kind of like that, and believe that’s how it should be. After all we are supposed to be Dominant right?

We are not supposed to follow the rules, we make our own rules and as long as inside the playroom things are kept safe and consensual, then fuck everything else!

Well I am going to step back from the MacBook now and take some pride in the fact that all the muddled up messages in my brain have finally managed to put some of my thoughts down into some form of Blog for you to all enjoy.

Play Safe, and Smile!

Mistress Haven









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