Mistress Haven

Professional Transvestite Dominatrix

My First Visit to Mistress Haven



Ms Haven had been speaking to me at detail for quite a while; when I received a message randomly on Sunday morning, asking if I was free to be the house slave today. With my new lease of freedom, I of course said yes.

Ms Haven said I should arrive at 11:44, and call her when at the door, for further instructions. With 2 pints of semi skimmed milk.
I drove over to the dungeon, and arrived at the doorstep at exactly 11:44, called Ms Haven and proceeded to the Dungeon. This had suddenly gotten very real… I was so excited.
Upon entering the space, I was greeted by her friendly face, and told to make a cup of tea for her, which I did gladly. White with no sugar. I will always remember to make sure, so I don’t have to ask again.
After a few minutes of “settling”, it was time for us to get started.


As part of our discussions, I had let Ms Haven know that I have a love hate relationship with humiliation and degradation. As in I hate how it feels, but it excites me so. Particularly the “sissy thing”.

As transgender, I find the whole sissy look a bit of a negative image, and makes me cringe. So naturally, Ms Haven went for it.
I was told to strip naked, and there I was, all exposed and naked. This wasn’t so bad, as I’ve been naked before, but she had this gaze.

Before I knew it, I was on the floor, and she was diapering me. “That is your toilet for the next 6 hours” If I’d known that, I’d have used the toilet first, but I had to go with it. The nappy was a pink and very girly design, with a loud plastic crinkle noise when I moved.
Next was the main outfit. It was PVC Onesie, with ruffles. As soon as this was zipped up, I felt pretty broken down. I was almost shaking in humiliation, yet I adored the rush so much.
With my frilly, locked collar, I was led to the rear bedroom, and sat on the bed.


We sat in the bedroom before the client arrived, and Ms Haven ran over the essentials and obligatory stuff. She covered the safe words and what my role was, as I was a mere house slave.

Confinement Cell

As she was talking about the room, she pointed out the confinement cell. I mentioned how I have claustrophobia, and being in there for any period of time, would scare me silly. So, naturally, Ms Haven, took my leash, and forced me into the cell, chained my wrists and ankles to the walls, and closed the door… It was horrible.

Then 20 seconds later, the door opened again. Phew, she was letting me out? Nope, she was gagging me so she could get on with her makeup and preparations.
Whilst in the cell I started to panic. A lot. I genuinely pee’d myself a little in fear, and I was fidgeting, and trying in vain to open the door. I was moments away from trying to scream for help, when the lower panel opened, and a hand reached in, squeezing me, telling me to be silent. If not, I’d have something to cry about.

There I was, stood in a humiliating outfit, a nappy, and unable to move in one of my fears. Whilst having to stay quiet, from fear. It felt like I was in there for an hour (not sure of exact time), but when that door opened, I was broken and relieved.

Sadly, there had been a puddle of drool from my gag, on the floor. Ms Haven, pushed my head down, and made me lick it all back up. This was vile and I nearly wretched doing so, but I managed to do it. Ms Haven had pretty much broken my spirit by now.

Client Arrival

When the client buzzed to say he had arrived, I was told to stand in the corner quietly, which I did so. The moment a complete stranger walked in and saw me looking like that, I had to try really hard not to cry in shame. It was internally painful though.

Ms Haven then sat down the client, discussed the rules, made him comfortable, and I made a cup of tea for them both.
During the latter stage of the clients preparation, I was knelt quietly in the corner. This whole time, I was mostly ignored, and made to feel like an object. I was exposed in my humiliating outfit, and I really really badly needed to pee by this moment, and had no choice but to let it go. There was no way I was facing the wrath of Ms Haven, whilst with a client.


Once the client was dressed as a sissy and all made up, we were both led into the front room. Ms Haven took a picture of us both holding hands, and it made me realise, that now things were going to get interesting.

I was told to lay out a couple of mats in the corner and lay on my front. Ms Haven then had this metal cross, hogtie thing. She harshly, and roughly pulled and fastened me into this thing, until I couldn’t move, and my face was flat on the floor.

Ms Haven told me to stay in the corner, as I was just the house sissy, and worthless. It was time for her to start her session with the client.
I couldn’t see a thing, but I heard every single whack on the poor clients bum. It made me so nervous the entire time. I couldn’t see, and only hear this pain being dealt. I was helpless and terrified once again. Every so often, Ms Haven would tell me how pathetic I was, and how impressive her clients tolerance for pain was. She kept making comments that really belittled me, and I really felt them as true words.

Ass Worship

After what seemed like an eternity of torture to the client, Ms Haven stopped the impact play, and decided it was time to reward him for doing so well.

Not telling me what was going through her mind, Ms Haven came over to me and untied me, and pulled me over to the client. I was them instructed to kiss the welts and bruises and sores better. This made me feel so low. Here I was on my knees, in a sissy baby outfit, kissing a strangers bum. Could it get any more belittling and degrading?

Turns out, yes. Yes it can. I was then told to start licking the client’s bottom, and to push my tongue in as far as possible. It was horrible. I kept doing it out of fear, and eventually, Ms Haven asked me to stop. Finally an end to my humiliation…

Penis Gag

The next thing I know, I have a penis gag inserted to the back of my throat, and it was secured around my head. This gag had a dildo on the outside too, and I was condom’d and lubed, before being pushed into the clients bottom.
My head had now become a silenced tool. Very literally just an object. It was so degrading again, yet I found myself feeling warm inside. Then on the outside, as I unknowingly pee’d a little bit.

Blow Job

The final part of the session was here for the client. He was sat on the chair with stirrups, and strapped into place. I was pulled over by my leash, and told to kneel before him. His erect cock was right in front of my face. There was no escaping it. I knew exactly what was coming, just as Ms Haven pushed my head forward and choked me, telling me to make the client cum all over my face.

Me and Ms Haven then spent some time, exciting the client, until he was really squirming and wriggling. I could feel the orgasm coming closer, and within moments, my face and outfit and the floor were covered in cum. He must have had days worth of cum, and I was now wearing it.

Corner Time

I was told to wipe my face, and then stand in the corner with my face to wall. I stood there whilst the client cleaned up and the whole departure process. I was forgotten about, and left with my thoughts of what had just happened. It was really soaking in, just how much of a slut I had been.

Clean Up

Once the client had gone, the clean-up had begun. Ms Haven had explained the importance of a proper clean, and I was more than happy to oblige, as cleanliness is important to me too. We did so, all whilst I was still dressed like a sissy, and this helped my feeling of degradation continue.

Once I had removed my outfit, Ms Haven dropped the bombshell. My already near full nappy had to stay on until further notice. She would tell me when I could take it off. This hit me hard. The humiliation had to continue outside of the dungeon. This meant waddling to the car, in my loud crinkling nappies, that were soaked. The walk to the car, followed by the drive to see a friend, and then the meal in the restaurant was interesting. I was so conscious of it.


The icing on the cake was me being presented with the collar. This was a symbol of me becoming the new house sissy. I felt so proud that I had done well enough for Ms Haven, for her to even consider me. I’m still smiling now, and not quite sure how to digest it. Such a wonderful feeling.

Sissy Sammy


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