Mistress Haven

Professional Transvestite Dominatrix

Sissy Maid Kelly’s First Session

​My first session with Mistress Haven was a nervous one as always with a first meeting.

We had been chatting and corresponding for quite some time and had a few ups and downs trying to find a good date to visit.

I had packed a full bag of my favourite pink prissy sissy dolly dress and a new black satin French maid outfit.

When I finally met Mistress it all seemed like we should have done it a lot sooner. We got on well and after a quick chat about what we should get up to, we unpacked the outfits.

I blushed when my pink panties with "I love sucking cocks" fell out and Mistress made me say this out loud which made me blush even more.

Then it was sissy slut make over time ;)

Mistress knew the style that would suit me and transformed me back into sissy slut Kelly ready for training and service. I need more practice on my own makeup and love the heavy eyeshadow/liner and thick wet lipstick look.

So luckily we both liked this style ;)

Soon I was getting into my pink outfit ready to be on parade and prance and mince around under Mistresses watchful eye.

We also tried out the French maid outfit.

Lots of Pics and fun were had but it was soon time to depart. There was no rushing though but time seemed to fly by.
Hoping to continue sissy Kelly's slut and maid training in the near future, I also think I have a new pink collar with "sissy slut" on that I need round my neck ;)


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